During the course of our time together, we are inviting people to various “Lunch Conversation” groups if they wish to explore various topics. Below are a list of some of those conversations and which days they will fall on during the conference. If you would like to add a lunch conversation table, please reach out to Shannon Kelly.

June 21Convener(s)
Short-term mission trips and other student travel: Good idea or not? Join us for a lunchtime discussion to candidly discuss the advantages and disadvantages, exchange best practices, and gain practical advice.Stephen Cheney and Cailee Franklin
From the Ground Up: How to Start Diocesan YACM from scratch When I began my job three years ago there was nothing as far as Young Adult and Campus Ministries in the Diocese of South Dakota and I was tasked with starting it. Through missteps, successes, and more than a handful of failures, this conversation would be the opportunity to share what it takes to launch this new Diocesan ministry, what I have learned in this new job, and share ideas with one another on how we can succeed.Lydia Simmons
June 22
Congregation-based Campus Ministry: Is your campus ministry based out of a congregation / worshipping community? Have a conversation with others whose ministry looks like this. Focus on best practices and needed support. Province V received a grant to explore the possibility of a provincial staff person to provide support to worshipping communities that desire to reach out to institutions of higher learning in their surrounding communities.Heather Barta
Using your own passions to guide your ministry Laughter is contagious. Excitement is catching. Besides YACM, what are you passionate about? Let’s discuss bringing our full selves, including our non-stereotypical-YACM interests (RPGs! Geocaching! Backpacking! Knitting!), to our ministry and creating space for our communities to find Christ in their less-churchy passions.Bekah Scolare